Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet the Bosses

ec·stat·ic: /ekˈstatik/ - adj: Feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement.
bliss·ful: /ˈblisfəl/ - adj: Extremely happy; full of joy
con·tent: /kənˈtent/ - adj: In a state of peaceful happiness
dating TLGOE: v: a combination of all three definitions above

He arrived at 6:15 sharp just like he said he would (note to self: be more punctual!). As I was collecting my things and getting ready to walk out to his car, my mom says, "If he's as much of a gentleman as you say he is, he will come to the door to pick you up." Queue TLGOE walking up to the door as my mom looks at me smugly. She loves being right. She also loves being a Chatty Kathy and TLGOE happily obliged her prattling away while we walked to the car.

Mom: Let me come see your car because I really like that color!
TLGOE: Oh no, you don't want to see my car, it's nothing fancy.
Mom: Oh, I don't care about that! I just want to see the color!! (everything my mom says is followed by an exclamation point. She's that excitable.)
TLGOE: Ok...
Mom: Oh yes! See this is what I would prefer over that *disdainfully gesturing to her sleek, black, really nice Amanti sitting in the driveway* If I could choose a color, this would be it!
Me: I thought you always wanted a pink caddy?
Mom: Oh yes!! It's my dream to have a pastel pink Cadillac! Or hot pink!!!
TLGOE: That way it could match your hair *joking around* (My mom's hair is pink at the moment. The hair color on the box is supposed to be red, but the white in her hair makes it turn out pink in some places. Classy.)
Mom: Oh my hair! Yes!!! You're right! I wish I had blond hair because then I could dye it hot pink and have it really stand out!!!

Hell, this looks so good that I would do it if I had blond hair
Seriously. I cannot make this shit up. My mom truly marches to the beat of her own drum. We finally detached ourselves and I'm sure my mom did not miss the amazingness that is TGLOE's habbit of opening the car door for me. Hopefully she missed the kisses we shared once comfortably seated.

Arriving at his bosses' house started my nerves, but they were completely misplaced as both of his bosses are incredible people. Especially Kevin. He's British. 'Nuf said. Plus, they used to be vegan macrobiotic so they made me a completely vegan, Japanese-themed dinner: udon noodles with kale and shitake mushroom soup and the best veggie tempora I have ever had. Oh, and spicy edamame to snack on with our beer when we first arrived.

Conversation came easy, despite the clashing of worldviews (me: conservative Christian. them: liberal zen/buddhists/asian idealogy). We left close to 10 after an amazing dessert of bruciata and wine (Italian for me :)).

TLGOE and I chose to keep the night going by catching a late showing of Cowboys & Aliens.

This still of Olivia Wilde is about as good as it gets

Did you get through that trailer? Yeah, I know, super long and super not-a-lot-happening-in-it. We both fell asleep. And my ribs are sore today from leaning against the cup holder as we were trying to snuggle. Movie fail! So disappointing because I actually really wanted to see this movie and was looking forward to lots of explosions and ass-kicking. Minimal explosions. Modicum of ass-kicking. Lame story line to make what little action almost unbearable. But, the extra time with TGLOE is always necessary and appreciated.

Now I have to wait until Sunday to see him again when he comes over for dinner to meet the fam. That is, of course, unless I decide to invite myself over some night this week....*evil laughter*

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