Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Ok, one day later and I'm not freaking out quite so much. Although, I'm still getting used to my new ridiculously short hair. I chopped it all off (10 inches!) at the end of April when I was still in The City. I was getting tired of my hair being blah, the weather was getting hotter, and I could sense the inevitable end of my relationship with The Artist. That, more than anything, motivated the change. For whatever reason, I always feel the need to do something drastic to signify the end of a relationship and the beginning of something (hopefully) better.

But, this "trim" as I was foolishly calling it, is so much shorter than the first cut three months ago. And while it helps that everyone at my office and in my family loves it, it's still taking me awhile to get used to the reflection in the mirror. This is the shortest my hair has ever been. Ever. In my life!

I have always favored long hair. In fact, I went through a period in my life when I refused to wear my hair loose because I believed that a woman's hair is her glory and only her husband should see it. But, I was in college and vanity peer pressure got the better of me. My hair was down to my waist at the time and I still remember the gasps when I would walk into class with my hair floating around me *sigh*

Oh no! What have I done!! Come back to me, hair!

*breathing into a paper bag* I'll be fine. Really. After my hair grows out again.

It took a lot to cut off all of those glorious 15 inches and donate them to Locks of Love the first time eight years ago. Since then, this is the third time I've done it. But, this cut wasn't for a good cause. This was just to get it "reshaped." And then I spent last night angry and sad and way too emotional. Isn't it funny what a hair cut will do to one's emotional state?

As I said, I'm better today and actually getting used to it. I predict that I'm probably going to really like it in a couple of days time. The ease and minimal product usage will most likely add to that....and the incessant compliments. I devour compliments like a shark with a seal (BTW, it's Shark Week on Discovery Channel. *droooooooool*).
"Yes, I know I'm pretty, but affirm me, dammit!"

And on that note, I'm off to spend the last half hour of work watching Shark Week clips online.

Bonus: I'm having dinner at TLGOE's bosses' house tonight. Very nervous, but more excited to see him to let my nerves get the best of me. I just hung out with him on Sunday (picnic on the beach, watching the sunset while listening to Vivaldi followed by stargazing where we talked and snuggled and saw shooting stars. Great success :)) and it already feels like it's been foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr since I've seen him. I know....pathetic. But, in the best way possible! And the giddiness continues....

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