Friday, August 12, 2011

The Little Things

Sometimes I wander onto CraigsList and check out the listings for random things that I want. Normally that includes cars that I can't afford, laptops that I can't afford, and apartments that I can't afford. Yeah, I basically just like to covet things and not commit to buying them. I work hard for the money, I'm not going to throw it away on something unless it is a shopping spree completely necessary.

BUT! (There's always a but) after a much-needed Skype date with my friend, Holly, last night where she was sharing about her need for new housing, I decided to revisit the ol' "apts/housing" section. My avoidance of this area in the recent past is because, while I can technically afford to get my own place, living rent-free in my parent's basement enables me to pay off my debt that much faster. However, I miss having my own place. Especially now when all of my nerves feel so raw and exposed it seems as if having my own sanctuary is most definitely a necessity. Don't get me parents are wonderful, supportive people. I just feel sometimes that I don't want to talk to anyone, explain where I am every moment, or have to feel guilty if I feel like I'm not "contributing" enough to the household in exchange for free housing.

In light of recent events in my life, now more than ever do I want to go into "turtle mode," i.e. withdraw into myself for protection/hide away from the world and become a recluse. That's not crazy, right? I mean, I don't own any cats.....yet.....

As I was perusing the listings on CraigsList, one popped out at me:
Wellfleet. Waterfront. Winter Rental. $500/month. Utilities Included.
Glory be! Saints be praised!

I emailed the woman post haste and she quickly responded with even more (stunning) pictures of the property. We've been emailing back and forth all morning and I've already sent her my application and references and we've set a date for me to come and look at the place in person. Did I mention that it has an exposed brick wall? I love an exposed brick wall! *le sigh* I think I'm in love and have already mentally set myself firmly inside this loft for the winter.

Bonus: It's partially furnished with, conveniently, everything that I would need.

I am allowing myself to get ridiculously excited about this because, hey, it's about the little things, right?

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Life as I know it said...

I think I want to come live with you. :) This sounds perfect.