Friday, July 29, 2011

My Joints Are A Bunch of Haters

Dear My Left Knee-

Stop being such a mamby pamby. It was only four miles...don't even act like you've never seen that much action before. I know you're a whore for the road, so stop acting like you don't like it when the road gives it to you rough. What? Did you think that you could just repose at a desk chair all day and be fine? Well think again! You have 8-hours of waitressing in front of you, so pull it the eff together!

I have my eye on you,

Dear My Right Hip-

Stop immitating Left Knee. She's not going to pay attention to you just because you think it's cool to copy her. Cease and desist immediately or I will never take you dancing again.

You have been forwarned,

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