Thursday, September 25, 2008

To Date or Not To Date?

One more hour at the Wequassett before I get to go home to my wonderfully comfortable, down comforter and down mattress pad bedecked bed. It's been a long 15 hour day and I'm grabbing a short respite back on the switchboard so I can actually sit down and collect my thoughts.

I was supposed to work last night and have tonight off, but clearly my schedule request was not honored. I'm not sure how much I minded having a night off between my two 15-hour days, though. Especially since Danielle's night off is Wednesday as well and that means some much needed roomie time. *

Last night our roomie time ** consisted of watching an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter (don't be a hater) and two episodes of Party of Five, Season Three. This, as all you Pof5 fans know, is the season where Bailey becomes an alcoholic. Intense does not describe it and Dani and I often forget to breath while grasping each other in sweaty......suspense! Sheesh, what did you think I was going to say? I mean, we're close, but not that close.

When all is said and done, we had to tear ourselves away from the box set and go to bed. I believe there's only something like 4 episodes left on the DVD and Season 4 won't be coming out until after the New Year. How will we survive, you ask? By purchasing the first 3 seasons of 90210. Have I mentioned that we've also purchased and watched the first and only season (why, oh why, did they only create one season?) of My So-Called Life and are working our way through Life Goes On? The problem with these amazing shows is that it takes so long to put them into box sets. And yet, before the season has even ended, they have Grey's Anatomy and Law & Order SVU for everyone's viewing pleasure while Dani and I are left waiting with baited breath for the next season of amazing, classic melodramas to come out. It must have something to do with switching from analog to digital format. Whatever it is, they best get cracking so we can continue our addiction.

Add to this our addiction to NES and you have for some serious quality time. Maybe this is the reason why I'm still single....speaking of which, one of our Jamaican cooks at the resort asked me out tonight. My response was flustered and confused and I in no way gave him a straight answer. I have no idea what to tell him. He's attractive, but I tend to chicken out of dates of any kind. I'm not sure why. It all boils down to knowing exactly what I want and writing off anyone who does not meet that criteria.

I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but I'm pretty sure it's a not-so-bad thing that I'd rather go home, curl up in my aforementioned comfortable bed and just fall asleep. That is, of course, after I finish watching the last four episodes of Party of Five.

Seriously, don't be a hater.

*Technically we're not roommates, we're apartment mates. But, let's face it, that's just too burdensome to type out every dang time.
**If we want to get even more technical, Danielle and I have been friends for over 20 years, so the whole sharing an apartment thing is not what defines our friendship in the least.

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Natalie said...

Hey so sorry I fell behind on your blog there for the past two weeks. I read all of the past months today after lunch and it made me so jealous to hear you got to be in Pittsburgh and ride in the car with Heidi. She is great and I want to just live with her and Brandon when I grow up lol.

I have been thinking about life a lot and in that I have been thinking I owe you a good chat on the telephone. What are your saturdays like? Could I give you a call I think the best times are usually at like 11:30 pm or 2-3 pm your time. That is like 7 am the next day and or 10ish at night for me so just let me know if that works for you this weekend sometime. I think Saturday would be best. Oh and can you facebook me your new phone number its not in my Russian phone from last summer.