Friday, September 19, 2008

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

You gotta love John Candy and Steve Martin...hopefully none of their escapades will happen to me while I'm traveling by train, by car, and by plane to and from Pittsburgh this weekend.

Despite my inherent need to stress about packing every single time I travel, I am extremely excited to see all my college friends again. Granted, the seven-hour train ride to meet Heidi in Baltimore might be a little rough—maybe I should bring my copy of War & Peace—but, the subsequent four-hour car ride with her back to Pittsburgh will be fabulous, I assume.

Other items of excitement: C-Crew reunion 3.0! Seeing the amazing Kimmie! Lunch with my Twinner! The infamous not-for-long-to-be-known-as Miss Sanders wedding shower! And of course, getting a day off work!

And with that, I've filled my exclamation point quoto for the month. Yes, the excessive use of exclamation points annoy the crap out of me. And yes, I take great pride in being a grammar snob.

I'm bringing my laptop to PA, so I'll try to stay in touch over the weekend; otherwise, look for a blog o' greatness when I return.

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So@24 said...

They should make a remake of that!


No. Wait. That'd be blasphemous