Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ain't Nobody Gonna Get Me Down

I don't like ice in my drinks. Namely because I tend to be a guzzler and ice just gets in the way. In fact, I don't like anything getting in the way of quenching my thirst, so I really only go for water or the occasional unsweetened ice tea. Of course a good ol' Cape Codder never hurt either. However, last night, while watching the Roomie play Zelda, I guzzled a little too much Malibu and Pineapple (with a splash of orange, of course). I wasn't really thinking anything of it except that a night cap sounded like it would go well with the mighty sound of Link's sword slashing through Ganon (ok, so maybe she didn't make it that far). But this morning, my head is thinking otherwise and I am thanking my lucky stars that I don't have to work the second job tonight.

Today's been rough. Add to that a deadline of 4pm to completely finish a postcard I've been working on just started designing today and then turns out my supervisor goes behind my back to get another co-worker to finish it because there are a "few things" that need to be changed instead of just asking me to do it for her since I've been working on it all morning *pauses for breath* and you have for a grumpy pants Christina.

Oh well, only one more hour left to the day and then I'm actually home free with abso-freaking-lutely nothing to do for the rest of the evening. Be still my beating heart! This hasn't happened since the late 90's, I believe, when I was still rocking out my dad's old flannel shirts with a pair of undone overalls and a waffle knit shirt. Yeah, I did that look. Don't be a hater.

BUT! I have to say that yesterday was an extremely good day. Well, yesterday morning was an extremely good morning at least and that is because *drum roll and trumpets* I had an interview!!!

I graduated two years ago with a degree in Communications and since then, I've been working the same job: basically the lackey at a small commercial lending company, working hard to give a leg up to all the small business owners in the community. Commercial lending = numbers. Number + Christina = mayhem. Fortunately, I don't deal much with the numbers side of it. I actually enjoy my job on most days. I get to do all the administrative tasks crap that nobody else does. At least I get to use part of my second option in Public Relations when we have our annual workshop series and I get to pretend to be a special events planner/designer of all print/online material that goes out of the office. However, I've been hankering for something new. Something that's more in my major/motivation for life.

Several weeks ago, I shot off a few e-mails. One went to the managing editor of the weekly newspaper I interned at four years ago and one went to the general manager of one of the local radio stations here on the Cape. I received positive responses from both parties, newspaper editor promising she had some freelance opportunities starting this fall and radio manager saying they had a position open for a weekender. Awesome and awesome.

So, I had my interview at the radio yesterday and, all things considered (the fact I haven't been in front of microphone/done anything remotely radio for four years) it went swimmingly. After the initial interview was over, they had me take a news release and cut it down to radio copy. I was then required to cut together a minute and a half of news for their hourly report. Even though I was initially nervous (aka scared shitless), once I got into it, realized they used Audio Vault and Cool Edit, and created more of a report with my interviewers, I felt great.

They still have other interviews they're conducting, but I am crossing my fingers that this goes through. My boss jokingly said that instead of people asking me, "Have you done any theater lately?" they're going to graduate to, "What are you doing on the radio these days?"

Your mom.

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You even spelled "Ganon" correctly.

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