Friday, October 17, 2008

First Dates, Quality Time, & Weight Loss

It's been an eventful past couple of weeks. I have several stories to tell and I'm not necessarily in a writing kind of mood, so I'll use the ever-popular bullet points.
  1. Two weeks ago (October 11 to be exact), the one-and-only Christina had herself a date. I had been in contact with a certain gentleman last month and for one reason or another our plans kept falling through. He lives and works in the Boston area so we'll just call him Mr. Boston for now (in no way, shape, or form related to the celebrity). Randomly, I received a call from him on the 11th informing me that he would be on the Cape (where he grew up) for the long weekend and wanted to know if I was available for dinner that night. I was available and we did have dinner. It was a successful first dates as first dates go and we'll most likely be getting together again. More details to come.
  2. My father, sister, and niece were visiting my dad's side of the family in upstate New York all last week leaving plenty of Mommy & Me time. My mom and I don't have a history of being the best of friends, but in the past year we've really been getting along great. I spent all day Sunday and Columbus Day with her (mostly because I came down with an awful cold Sunday night), as well as Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon waiting for the rest of the family to return from Buffalo.
    Some of the activities we enjoyed were:
    -Going to an Artisan Fair on Sunday and getting started on our Christmas shopping
    -Watching all 6 hours of the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice
    -Watching some tear-jerker movies on the Hallmark Channel
    -Cooking together
    -Organizing my CD collection into the new case I purchased last week
  3. My co-worker/friend is going to work for another company beginning next week. Who the crap am I going to have lunch with now? Or go on weird diets and weigh myself with? Speaking of weighing, we weighed ourselves this morning and I've lost 10 pounds since I started this weird candida diet two weeks ago. Go me!
  4. The Red Sox are not going to the World Series. This means I've lost sleep and stayed up to watch nail-biter games for nothing. On a related topic, someone take Tampa Bay's temperature, the mercury in the cow-bell thermometer is spiking through the top.
  5. The Roomie and I finally turned the heat on last night. This, or course, was after I spent all day Saturday cleaning the cat hair from the previous renters out of the vents. Now we are cozy and warm with no fire hazard or allergy inflammations.

Stay tuned for details on my date coming....uh...when I feel like it?

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Life as I know it said...

Dude, you can't leave us hanging on the date. I mean, seriously?!?! Ugh, you're so far ahead of me it's not even funny. Now that you've turned up the heat by GOING ON A DATE, I'm going to have to go find one...anyone!

Funny that you mentioned turning on your heat - I still haven't done it. I'm in some strange fight with the elements. Me, staunchly refusing to pay for propane for some frivolous thing called HEAT and the elements, realizing they couldn't deter me by cold feet and icy dog noses, has now thrown the COLD into the mix. How can I fight with that? Um, hello? Option between propane and being sick? I'm definitely going with the propane.