Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some Words on Some Paper

Things I Want To Do Before I'm 30 (in no particular order)

  1. Go Skydiving
  2. Learn how to ride a motocycle
  3. Buy a VW Bus and road trip on Route 6 from P-town to Cali
  4. Learn Arabic
  5. Learn how to play the guitar
  6. Become certified as a Registered Dietician
  7. Go downhill skiing/learn how to snow board
  8. Train for and run a marathon
  9. Go to Australia for an extended visit with my cousin
  10. Be the Maid of Honor in my sister's wedding (get crackin', Ange)

Things I Want To Do Before I Die (in no particular order)

  1. Live on every continent for at least 6 months (excluding Antarctica)
  2. Buy/live on a boat and sail around the world
  3. Be a missionary
  4. Help someone reverse their cancer through diet and lifestyle change
  5. Write my Nonna's story
  6. Visit the places where Jesus walked in Israel
  7. Go Cage Diving off the coast of South Africa
  8. Restore a '69 Camaro z28
  9. Write something somewhere that will affect change
  10. Watch Mila grow into womanhood and be there for her every step of the way

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