Friday, March 28, 2008

Rasberry Lime

We have made a fatal mistake. In my discussions with Juliana last night (most definitely my favorite freshmen at Roberts Wesleyan College), we came to the conclusion that chocolate, clearly, is not a fruit. We were too delirious with heat stroke that fateful day two years ago to see our error and now, alas!, Julie has been the one to suffer for it.

Before I divulge all the sordid details of the mystery of "The Fruit Factor" (I just made that name up), I must begin with a disclaimer:

The three female landscapers for Cape Organics-Christina, Juliana, and Carolyn-were suffering from severe heat stroke on said fateful day during the summer of 2006.

It all began with Carolyn (my favorite freshman at Houghton College) bringing a Kiwi as part of her lunch everyday and announcing (on more than one occassion) that if she were to be a fruit, she would be a Kiwi. This, of course, began rather deep and intellectual discussions as to which fruit each of us would be, according to personality and life goals, if we were fruits. All in all, this is perfectly natural. For those suffering from heat stroke, that is. For reasons which now seem dim, we decided to take "The Fruit Factor" to the new level of not only figuring out which fruits we would be, but what type of fruit we need to look for in a future relationship. Of course this fruit would have to complement us (if we were fruits of course), and also have all the characteristics which we, as fruits, find so compelling.

The rest, as they say, is history. I'm hesitant to reveal which fruits we decided would describe us and which fruits we decided would complement us. Suffice it to say that chocolate went very well with Juliana's Fruit Factor. Looking back, I can now see that chocolate actually goes quite well with numerous fruits and, therefore, is not a desirable match in the least (this is not counting the aforementioned fact that chocolate is not a fruit). So now, in the absence of heat stroke, our minds have been cleared and we can see how perfect the combination is of Rasberry and Lime.

I now feel like I am more complete as a person after coming to this conclusion. The only thing that remains is for me to find my Coconut so we can start making some Pina Coladas.

All coconuts, please apply to me for a personal interview. Pineapples will only accept Coconuts still attached to the tree. Some restrictions and limitations apply.

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