Tuesday, July 15, 2008

She Works Hard for the Money

It's been almost a month and the only reason why I'm writing is because I just saw that Natalie left me a comment to write. This is not a bad thing. In all actuality, I don't even have the time to write now, but I'm putting in the effort.

The good thing about working 65 hours per week is:
  1. I'm working and therefore making money
  2. I'm working and therefore have no time to spend money
  3. The Wequassett feeds me a shift meal the three nights I work there, cutting back on grocery shopping costs majorly

The bad thing about working 65 hours per week is:

  1. I end up going commando a lot because I never have time to do laundry
  2. I never see my friends, including my roommate
  3. The new apartment still does not have a new couch, area rug, or kitchen table because neither Danielle or I have any free time

The Wequassett stays open until November, but I'm really not sure if I can hold to this schedule for an additional three months. Maybe if I just cut down to two nights a week that would be a lot more manageable than three, even though it's only one night. Hey, having two nights off as opposed to one makes a big difference. The fact that I still have not received my first paycheck from the Wequassett may be factoring into my hesitancy to continue working until November. Maybe once I start seeing that extra $500/month I'll be wishing they stayed open year 'round.

All in all, that extra cash will cover gas, tithing, and allow me to put more towards paying off my student loans every month. Heck, maybe I'll even open a high-interest account and watch my money grow. Isn't it exciting being an adult?

But, despite working like a dog and only going to the beach four times so far, this summer is proving to be a huge improvement from last year. Last year I was still suffering the pangs of broken heartedness over my ex, as well as sowing a few too many wild oats in my attempts to rebound from him. That combination equaled a very unhappy Christina. Unhappy and broke considering I was paying out the ass to live on my own.

I love having a roommate again. I'm glad that I lived on my own last year and had that experience, but sharing rent makes it so much easier to afford life. Plus, I absolutely adore the new apartment. I love the old fashioned door handles and the uneven floors. I even love the sharply gabled ceilings.

And with that, I believe that I've done enough rambling and enough updating. I hope you're happy, Nat :)

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